Valid affair;
I checked out.

I was too long, too gone;
And you were too long, too wrong.

I waited for years;
I waited for you.

But it was of no use;
You thought it often too.

Crying in my bed,
Pleading me to stay;
Promise after promise,
Day after day.

You wore the mask of sorrow,
You wore very well;
Empathy is my enemy,
And loving  you was hell.

Touch my neck; oh, sorrowful lover.
Goosebumps rise and I want another.
Six A.M., sleep deprived;
Liquor on my breath, opiates on my mind.

Screaming in your backseat,
Tied and tightly bound;
My other lover’s waiting,
Your fingers bring me down.

Naked in the woods,
Rain and fireflies.
Bridges in the moonlight,
Hiding from the time.

You were my escape.


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