Thank You

I want to thank you
For everything you do.
I feel more and more as if
My little ‘thank you’s’ don’t express
How much I really appreciate you.

The fact of the matter is, 
I would be so much more frantic 
Without you doing what you do for me
Out of your love and caring for me.

Don’t think I don’t notice; 
I notice almost everything.

I see the way you indulge my OCD’s,
And kiss me one or three times every night,
And don’t talk about eyes or veins,
And don’t put on torture horror movies. 

I see the way you catch yourself
When I make you mad because 
I’ve done something irritating and annoying,
Yet you don’t yell at me, 
But take a deep breath and speak calmly. 

I see the way you buy me little things;
Little presents for no reason;
Like amazingly awesome t-shirts
Or books I’ve been pining for.
Not because I did anything to deserve them,
But because you know it’ll make me happy.
I see the way you give me your little figurines
From the modular stores, 
On loan of course, 
But allow me to display them in my own unique
Box because you know it makes me proud.
I see the way you cook for us
Almost every night;
Food deliciously and carefully and considerately prepared 
For our pallets; even down the seasoning and silverware.

And even when you order food,
You take careful consideration as to what I like
And what I don’t,
Even to the point of sacrificing your personal preferences.

I see how you mentor me;
How you make me see the world 
For what it really is.
I see how you talk me back into reality, 
And tell me why things I’m upset over
Don’t really matter, 
And all that matters is us.
I see how annoying it is
For you to have to talk me back
Into reality
Time and time again
As new things arise.
But that you still do it
Because you know me, 
And you love me, 
And you know it helps me.
I see the way you sacrifice
Your own collections and passions; 
How you scrimp and save 
To make sure we have enough padding
For any worst case scenario. 
How you’re always thinking ahead
To ensure that you’ve prepared for 
Any situation and outcome.
And how many times that thought process
Has bailed us out.

And oh, how often you’ve bailed us out. 
I see the way you do things 
That you don’t want to do
That inconvenience you
Simply because it conveniences me.
I see how hard you actually work 
At our finances; 
With so many figures and numbers, 
And planning and moving around, 
And making sure we’re never behind
And trying so hard to get us ahead.

Oh, if you only knew 
How much I appreciate you
And how much work you do. 

I see how much hard work you put into
The day to the day things that seemingly
Get taken for granted. 
I see how hurt you become when you think 
All of your hard work was for nothing, 
Or your sacrifices were for nothing, 
Or that you’re not appreciated and respected.

I see how hard you work to make sure
That everyone is happy, 
That everyone is healthy,
That everyone is okay.
I see the millions of other little things
That you do throughout the day,
To show you care and love me;
To show that we’re a team. 
I see, and I may not always speak
Or show it, 
And for that I’m so sorry, 
But I know how much you care for me.
And more than anything, 
I want to say thank you, 
Because you deserve it, 
And you don’t hear it or 
Have it shown to you enough.
Every meal you prepare, 
Every budget you make, 
Every plan that you act on, 
Every hardship you mitigate,
I just want to throw myself at you
And kiss you all over,
And express my gratitude, 
And make you feel how much I appreciate you.

But that’s not realistic,
So I will settle for words that I hope
Hit close to your heart so that
You never feel unappreciated or disrespected.

I will always be here for you, 
In whatever you need. 
But let me remind you, 
If not just one more time, 
That I love you more than everything,
And I’m so grateful that you’re mine.


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