The unknown terrifies me.
Yet I crave the unspeakable, uncertain, the adventure, the impulsivity.
The safety blanket of the familiar is all-encompassing and suffocating, but provides that layer of stability one might crave should they grow used to that blanket being taken from them over and over again.
One might become an emotional horder; clinging tightly to whatever they see as a constant in their life. Relationships, jobs, housing, and routines.
The largest jump of faith is throwing away your own security blanket and diving headfirst into the unknown with the expectation that the unknown may very well throw you right back.
But if it doesn’t, if you succeed, you’ll be truly living. No longer will you have to cling to the detrimental, the diseased, the suffocating.
If you succeed, you’ll be free.

2 responses to “Free

  1. Very Good , and oh so true. You are wise beyond your years. David

    Sent from my ASUS Pad

    A Dre

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