I laid next to you
as you slept;
listened to your heartbeat
through your chest.
Closed my eyes;
felt your breath.
Softly sighed;
laid to rest.

I cried that night;
I sometimes do.
Not out of sadness,
but love I knew.
As you know me,
I know you;
I cried because
you knew it too.

I try to say
and show the truth;
there’s nothing I want
more than you.
My heart aches when
I can’t get through;
there’s only so many ways
to proclaim love to you.

A poem is a poem;
a song is a song.
So how do I convey
these feelings so strong?
Without seeming like
I’m obsessive too;
but this panic says
I need to tell you.

You mean more to me
than I’d ever thought through.
I’ve never felt a love
so completely true.
One thing’s for certain:
I belong to you.
And all I want
is this love so new.

Call it silly,
call it a crush;
I might be infatuated
a bit too much.
I could write forever
but it’ll never prove
just how much
I truly need you.

I resign myself
to follow through
because all I can do
is prove it to you,
with each passing year
and each passing stance;
I love you, I love you,
my heart’s in your hand.

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