Space Cadet

Into the stars and atmosphere,
My space cadet, she orbits near,
With the biggest eyes and sweetest face,
And this awkward innocence I just can’t place.

She flies so high and I aim to be
Up in the moon and stars with glee
With this gorgeous little space cadet,
Who mirrors my mind, in abstract debts.

Never settled, always striving;
Dreams abound and minds combining.
Inspiration, undercover;
Simply put, my doll faced lover.

Space cadet, when you are near,
The chemistry I hold so dear,
Drives me crazy, to the edge,
“If I don’t kiss you, I might be dead.”

Let’s float up high for a little while,
Without commitment and just be nihil;
Enjoying abstract thoughts in space;
Perhaps while I kiss your sweet face.

It’s rare to meet someone so true,
And I hope to be the same for you.

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