I had begun to feel slighted; an overtly justified existence becoming of someone of importance and wealth. I was none of these things. So then, where did I get the idea that I had the right to feel justified in these feelings of exhaustion? These minuscule emotions that brought up thoughts of righteousness and indignity? I was no one of caliber; simply a girl going about her business and doing what she needed to do to achieve the results she sought. There was no one to blame, you see, other than me for the mistakes I had made in that day. The feelings of guilt and remorse were mine to bear alone; who was I to ask anyone else to share in those? Misery loves company but misery is a jealous little cunt who loves to bring the world down and watch it burn simply so she doesn’t feel alone. Who was I to ask for help and expect others to come to my rescue because I was inconvenienced? What right do I have? These people who these emotions stem from have done nothing wrong. They didn’t ask me to help them; I offered to be put in a position to do so. If people do not do as you ask, that is their right. You suffer the consequences; you become stronger. You learn to cope and adjust and work it into your everyday lifestyle.
Who are you? For I am nothing. And I am stronger for it.

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