I’ll put all my faith in you,
If it means you’ll stay.

Tormented as my mind goes,
I’ll do whatever you say;
If not for you, my love,
I’d all but fly away.

The heavens above
Can’t compare,
To something they say
May always be there.

Their god I cannot
Just blindly follow
In the hopes that maybe
I’ll be saved come ‘morrow.

And the theories of creation
And how one should live
Give nothing to me,
Not a spare thought to give.

But you, you speak,
And I can’t help but hear
How perfect you are,
And I have no fear.

Others gods, some blindly follow
But I put my faith in knowing that tomorrow
I’ll wake up, filled with grace,
And you’ll be beside me
Keeping me in my place.

Another love poem, another day,
Another thought I can’t seem to say;
Another time in another place
Another future where I see your face.

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