You could tell me of all of the things you’ve done
     that you deem to be faulty or uncouth,  
But my feelings towards you would remain;
    unwaivering and intense as the peaks of the highest mountains.

You, with all of your faults, and all that you loathe about yourself, 
    You, are perfect.

I wish I could find the words to comfort you, 
    and reassure you, 
    that you are all I want. 
That no matter what we have, 
    or what we lack, 
    I will be happy and steady, 
    as long as you’re by my side. 

The fervid exhalation that runs through my veins, 
     because of you, 
Is, at best, only minimally describable 
     by these wretched words
that are unable to convey
     the full extent of my
           passion, attraction,
           admiration, respect, love;
    these useless words that bind me to 
a canvas of ink and paper
    when the stars in the sky, 
and the Moon pulling the tide
     couldn’t define us. 

My sweet, my lover, my friend… 
     I am yours,
forever and always. 

No matter the condition, 
     no matter the circumstance, 
     no matter how hard our lives become, 
     I will never give up on you
          or forsake you, 
          or want to be without you, 

And as long as you want me, 
          I will always be right by your side. 

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