Validate me.
I’m the enigma you speak.
I’ll put myself on the chopping block,
If only it means you will love me.

I’ll be whatever you want me to be.
I’ll give my life to those who speak
Out against you;
You, whom they can’t read.

Tell me I’m beautiful, complete and fulfilled.
Fill this hole that I can’t seem to fill.
Generate the pressure so I can prove I won’t fold.
Keep away the demons from those who don’t know.

Mass societal, enviable appeal.
I live my life for others, yet can’t seem to feel
Satisfied, only ostracized,
As one who can’t summon enough reasons to die.

I’ll stand nude on the stage and pay for my crimes,
As long as the audience claps and decides
That I’m worth saving; knowing, I surmise,
With their approval, I’ll have my disguise.

Do you want a love story written in blood?
Well grab me a razor and a bucket for the mud
That will spill from my veins as I entertain,
And appease the masses with my insane brain.

Do you want a tragic suicide; an artist to pity?
I’m happy to oblige! Now chant along with me,
“As long as society deems me worthy of attention,
I’ll be what they want; I’ll demand their affection.”

You see, my dear audience, we are one in the same.
We crave the dramatics and feign our disdain
While secretly hoping we’ll hurt one another
The difference here being, I’m the one you help smother.

So take my picture and laugh at my cries;
Discuss amongst yourselves who’ll hold my head high
So that I may stay around so you won’t miss my demise,
As I die trying to please you; another to idolize.

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