Alone again;
My darkest friend.

We meet this way every year or so.
Having been with me since childhood,
I know you understand why I need you;
When I need you.

Never have I so desired your touch;
Your embrace.
The voice of insanity in my head
And the rush of emotions in my soul.

Take me away from here,
From this place,
From this life I’ve tried so hard to embrace.

I’m sure there’s whispers of salvation
Amongst the heavens in the sky.

But why should I just fly by
On this carpet of ignorance
When I could remain in reality
And suffer through the light?

It makes no sense,
To me, in my self deprecating nature,
Why I should seek any relief.

My darkest friend,
Talk to me again.

Wrap the covers of my cave
Around my fragile little self
And protect me from the brightness
Of those who don’t know.

I stare in the face of the imaginable
And wish for the veil of depersonalizations
I no longer feel.

My heart hurts.

My soul is bleeding
And I can’t be without you.

Take me from this place;
Consume my thoughts with your day
And make it okay.

I’ve never felt peace;
Or release.

Save me from myself,
My darkest friend.

My tourniquet,
As I bleed the emotions
I so try to hide.

I don’t want to face this reality anymore.

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