In many a dreams, I find myself
As silent as a whisper.

And when I wake, I find myself
As shattered as before.

Look to the sky and see the eyes
Of a faceless creature floating by,

And when I weep, I can’t help but keep
A smile somewhere on the inside.

It makes no sense, the dichotomy of it all
How one can weep and refuse to sleep

Yet smile as I wake, though my heart often aches
And I can’t explain it for the word.

Just once in my life, I’d like to find time
To see through myself through another’s eyes;

And maybe I’d see what I really mean
And how I can keep it from fleeting.

My heart, it breaks, every time I wake.
My breath, it stops, every time I sleep.

Words don’t come as easily as they used to;
Left in a manifesto of unfinished thoughts

With no way to place words to these emotions.
That I’ve so eerily wrought.

The curse of a dream; voodoo as it seems,
Can keep you going for another full day.

Though the dream often keeps, its own way of seeking
What’s in your subconscious and done throughout the day.

Sleep, my child; your life is a dream
And when you come back, you’ll always see

Reality for what it is; a painful lie
And you’ll have to find strength, to carry on, inside.

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