Abstract Demons

Lose your facts.
Lose your mind;
It’s all you had.

Let yourself into the face
Of the demons that haunt your day.

Ostracize and compromise,
Plead and beg and weep and cry;
For those demons won’t let you out,
You’re at their discretion now.

Every sin and every vice,
Comforts, molds, and feels just right.
But you have to stop and wonder,
How you’ll get by without their thunder?

And how will you lead your life
Under the ever seeing eye?
In your conscious; in your mind
Do you think they’d let you just walk by?

Silly, girl; you’re a monster now.
Your breath is fire; your tears don’t shout.
Invisible, transparent as cellophane,
And no one even knows your name.

Pull down your sleeves, hang your head,
Walk the streets of the fervent dead.
Control yourself; your empathy,
For if anyone reads you, surely they’ll see.

There’ll be boys with the most piercing eyes
That try and save your tired disguise,
But they’ll come and go as they often do,
When they get tired of the monster inside of you.

Hope’s a waste and inside you know
That no one can save you; no one must know.
The demons in your head are sweet,
And if you obey, you won’t be beat.

It’s sick and tired and those who know
Will make you feel better, well, as far that goes.
But just like the boys with the piercing eyes
They’ll come and go and shake your demise.

“It’s better to be alone, my dear.
You’re far too troubled for those who’re near.
No worries you’ll have as long as you’re dead.”
Said the demons inside of my head.

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