I should have stayed a child; innocent and naive.
Whose primary focus
Is when they’re going to flee
Off into a field of green
With the sun and the trees.

I should be born a bird; free to come and go.
Visit lands of honey
As they watch their younglings grow
Who’s blind to their show
And follows in their flow.

I should have been a flower; growing quietly in the cold.
Untouchable, insurmountable,
Except for bees that come to show
Off within the looking-glass;
Steady as they go.

I should have been a poet; whose words so easily
As the waterfall, over the
Of the cliff that no one knows.
Falling into herself;
For eternity she’ll glow.

I may have been a socialite,
A french maid, an au pair.
I may have been a fish who swims
In the depths without a care;
Or even a rare and beautiful mountain standing silently there.

But I was born a chameleon;
A dissipating cloud.
One without a boundary,
Who can’t figure herself out.
I was born to float and dream, in this never-ending shroud.

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