One More

One more night of insomnia;
One more night of pain.
One more night fighting
To stop going insane.

One more bad habit;
One more memory.
One more escape
From what I’m supposed to be.

One more drink and one more drag.
One more moment; contemplate what I had.
One more cut and one more towel;
One more chance to get myself out.

One more phone call;
One more need.
One more attempt
To see what you see.

One more fight,
One more undone.
One more failed attempt
To break away and run.

One more bullet
Inside this gun;
One more chance
To fix what I’ve done.

One more life;
A haunted memory.
One more breath;
One more plea.

One more body found laying on the ground;
One more person who couldn’t get out.

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