It took me at surprise
As I sat with glowing eyes,
Upon my Master’s bathroom sink
Peering deep into the lies.

That are held beneath the depths
Of these glowing, wretched steps.
And as I touched the mirrored plate,
I felt myself begin to shake.

What a sight I must have been!
Sitting in a porcelain tin.
Legs folded underneath myself.
Hair a mess; body of felt.

I see the skin and the bones,
But none of the others told.
The lanky girl in the mirror
Could never have made this her home.

For years, I have not been real.
So why now does this feel
If I’m staring in the glass with
Someone truly staring back?

I have broken many times
And felt the piercing eyes
Of the Master who lies underneath
And can’t help but to see me weep.

I stopped contemplating why.
When I saw the rewards, I died.
And once came back, I found the tack
Of the man who lived inside.

It seems odd I should not know
Who I really am, foretold.
For you see, I have believed
For awhile that I’m merely stone.

But now I see a face
And a mind that comes into place
Of the girl in the sink with the quivering lip
And a Master who demands that I fold.

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