For You

You are my savior and my muse;
My light to fill the nighttime blues.
The anchor in my rolling sea;
How sweetly you will speak to me.
All the cliques of love foretold; 
The rock beneath my changing mold.
Shakespearean; Elizabethan romances roam
Into the vault of what’s unknown.
How cleverly you’ve always trained me;
How soft and meek your words have tamed me.
How addictive your touch always soothes me;
How steadily my heart has claimed thee.
Let’s forsake the world,
As you always have,
And turn our backs 
To the mortal fad
Of what has been and what shall be;
It’s nihil in comparison to what you do for me.
I dream of shores in the quiet breeze,
Where your hands find mine 
And together we sleep;
While the world burns out its hateful lies
And together we build our own disguise.
I ache for you;
Hear you in the ground
Of where I feel rooted 
And taken by the sound 
Of your heart beating next to mine.
My love, I want you ’til the end of time.

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