Daddy, Dear

Daddy, dear:

We can’t go back to yesterday
And fix all the mistakes we’ve made;
Change them and get a retake,
Or erase all the things that we hate.

But Daddy, dear, you see,
We’ve been through so much together;
Seen each other’s temper,
And wondered of what days we’d face.

I remember how we spoke of the future
And told stories of the past;
Talked of how you’d live behind my house,
As we grew older, as the years passed.

We’ve sat and drank ourselves silly,
Talking of thoughts on our minds;
Sharing secrets, whispering stories,
Giving advice and consoling in hard times.

Because you were always there
And always cared,
I always felt safe, and never scared.

Daddy, dear,
You’ve been counselor and friend,
Advice giver, teacher;
Always able to mend.

You knew that I had to learn,
To go out on my own.
To make mistakes and grow from those,
And learn to be alone.

It takes a wise man
To know when to step away.
It takes a lot of wisdom;
It takes a lot of faith.

I’ve made poor choices; regret things too
I’ve hoped and I’ve thought entire nights through
And more than ever, I need you to know
That without you, I wouldn’t have
The happiness I now know.

Home is where the heart is,
We agree that’s true,
And you’re in my heart
So I know my home is you.

More than a father, more than a friend,
I knew I could count on you
Past the very end.

And Daddy, dear:
Please make sure you know,
You’re in my heart, my mind,
And my soul as I grow.

For no matter what happens,
Or how far we are apart,
You’ve been there for me
From the very start.

I love you more than you’ll ever possibly know;
I appreciate all you’ve done
To make sure we were never cold.

I’ll always hold all you’ve taught
On the forefront of my mind,
Every word you’ve ever said;
Every memory of mine.

Every precious story,
And every single sight,
To every hug and kiss you gave
Every single night.

In my heart and in my mind
I know I’ll grow wiser
As I grow older with time,

Because I had the best supporter
I could ever hope to ever have;
You’re such an amazing man
And I’m so glad that you’re my dad.

But Daddy, dear,
In case there’s any doubt,
You’re the best daddy
I could never have done without.

All the sacrifices you’ve made
And all the work you put in
Made appreciating you so easy,
Though I never always did.

And I couldn’t have wished or hoped
For near a better father;
I’m one of the lucky ones,
Who’s had a love that’s never faltered.

And I’ll never forget just how
You were always there for me too;
As I’m always here for you,
As I know I want to do.

Always a father, more than a friend;
I’ll always be your Princess,
Never to end.

Daddy, dear,
I love you,
Past the end of time.
I’m so grateful that you’re mine;
Forever in my heart,
Forever in my mind.

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