Like You Wanted To

Go on.

Your hand is up too high;
Inching further up my thigh.
You want me open;
Claim me as you’ve always felt me,
Falling to the door.
I can’t take my eyes off of you;
This double vision is so slowly coming true.
And I hear myself moaning;
Feel myself lowering to you.
I know you’re taking away my soul
With every bite mark you make.
And every time you sink your nails into my back,
I quite ache.
But when you press yourself against me,
It’s as if you’re supressing my instinct
To run.
I suppose this is your fun.
Make me hurt myself until
I can’t remember the night.
I can’t help but remember every little detail:
We fight, a flash of silver;
A new bruise to cover the next night.
Why’d you have to sigh?
I can’t take away your desire
To slice me into two.
I can’t take your breath and steal it,
Hoping you’ll turn blue.
I can’t bring myself to stop listening
To what I want to hear.
Oh, my dear.
You’re tearing me apart slowly,
And this torment is kind.
I’ll always touch myself
With every beating on my mind.
And you can’t help but smile
When that rope breaks my skin in two.
Just like you.
Just like you wanted,
Just like you wanted to do.

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