The End Of An Era

You think I don’t know your lies.

You’re a fool.
You spin these words and I see right through.
You think I don’t see your shame?
Or your emotional pain?
You play it off well
But I know this game better than you.
Every negative emotion you care to try
To make rise up inside
I can bring down; lay you on the ground.
You manipulate my feelings through your egotistical pride.
It’s not longing I have to feel you by my side;
It’s not pain I have knowing I’ve hurt you with time.
You should beware, all this pain I have to spare,
Is turning into pity, shame, and apathetic cares.
You can’t control me, you can’t console me;
You can’t erase me, you can’t pertain me.
You’re slowly turning into another fucking lie;
I hide it inside, but I know you see how I try.
Every secret I’ve shared ten fold,
Every desire I’ve embraced in your hold,
Every seed of faith our relationship held,
Has made me reconsider going again through this hell.
I can’t pretend I haven’t cried,
Or died a little inside,
Or felt you near, or longed for your touch;
But who you’ve turned into can no longer be a crutch.
I’m not blind.
I see you.
I see the perfect enemy you aspire to be.
But I will fight you.
And I will win.
For you’re nothing without me.
Lie to yourself and tell me you’re fine,
And maybe you’ll believe all those little white lies
That cloud your thoughts and memory in time
While I’m left here wondering, what to do with mine.
You will not get to me. I will not fall.
You will not take away my new found flaws.
I will not save you, you can’t save me.
I don’t want this anymore, I won’t let you beat me.

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