Why I Generally Dislike People In General (A Brief Essay)

This is my problem with people. In general, people are so close-minded and inflexible in their opinions and beliefs, that it leaves no room to grow as a person or to expand their own personal knowledge. Essentially, people believe they know everything. Nothing else is correct because it differs from what they know to be true. And in this way, they are essentially saying that they have nothing left to learn. It’s as a child putting his hands over his ears and going, “Na na na na na; I can’t hear you!”

People are too scared to have their world turned upside down. They’re too frightened of change and are far too comfortable in their own safety zone. They take no risks and take no chances for fear of failing; ignoring the fact that they may succeed and become something far greater. They cut themselves off from considering anything more than what they want to be fact and in this way, are the worst types of an idealist.

People are far too easily led. As a society, we really are sheep. We take the media’s biases as truth and don’t care to research or learn, for ourselves, the facts. We follow others leads because it’s easier than taking the effort to learn. We shut out people with different opinions than ours because, god forbid, they have different views that may impact our own. We stop evolving, stop learning, stop caring, stop wanting to become a greater person, and settle for the mediocre reality that we’ve created for ourselves.

No one ever wants to be different. No one wants to speak up against the majority and even when we become an outsider and find others like us, we merge into THAT new type of society. Find me a group of people who all say, “We’re different.” and I’ll point out exactly how they’re all the same.

People are too eager to belong to another set a people. Wanting to be accepted is one thing, but changing who you are in order to be accepted is another. We all do this to a degree. When we get into a relationship, we often take on our significant others ideas. And that’s fine, but to completely change what you feel is true is denying yourself the chance to be yourself and to teach others about your beliefs so that they can continue to evolve as well.

The people who have contributed most to society are those that think outside the box. The people who take the impossible and figure out how to make it possible. The people who are constantly questioning, constantly learning, and constantly considering new possibilities; the ones questioning authority and not taking what’s believed to be the norm at face value. These are the ones asking, “Why?” and continually evolving their own beliefs and opinions based on what they find out.

We, as a society, as a people, and as humans, need to stop being so quick to follow the crowd and to figure out who we are, what we believe in, and to consciously keep ourselves open to the idea that we are a constant, fluid, changing being. Once that begins, I believe, humanity in general will become far greater and far less disappointing.

2 responses to “Why I Generally Dislike People In General (A Brief Essay)

  1. why do you think I have 5 dogs and live in the mountains… I go out, I tour and I get my fill of humanity ; the good , the bad and the fucktards. I meet some amazing people who more than make up for the dregs but I also meet some self centered human garbage masquerading as artists whose sole contribution to this mortal coil is finding new ways to stroke their own egos and convincing the world they are misunderstood…

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