Insomniac Thoughts

I’m tired of this town
And it’s haunting memories;
I’m tired of its familiar faces
Telling me who to be.

I’m tired of the expectations
And what I cannot know;
I’m tired of this bubbling mess
Of emotional baggage in loads.

I can’t escape the thoughts
That plague my every dream.
Or the desires that we had both bought
With thoughts of being free.

This whole world is a nightmare
But I’m stuck inside this hole,
And the ultimatums facing me
Are the only thing I know.

I refuse to get stuck;
I refuse to back down.
I refuse to stay in this wretched, fucked up town.

I refuse to stay captured
And have my soul sucked out of me
And have the people I know
Watch me struggle to be free.

I’d rather give it up
And start over as I please.
I’d rather be elsewhere,
Away from these memories.

Twenty-four years of living in a dream;
I’m ready to live for me.

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