I am more than your labels.
I am more than your feelings of right and wrong;
Your black and white.
I am more than your wants and needs;
More than your desires.

I am my own reality.
I live in my own plane.
Do not include me in your stereotypes,
Your generalizations,
Your similarities;
I am beyond them.

I am unique.
I am a combination of the moon and the stars;
The sun and clouds.
I am part of the universe
And it, a part of me.

I live in a world you have yet to imagine.
I take with me every man, woman, and child.
I hide here when I cannot fathom
The world that you, the antagonist,
Try to subject me.

I reject your conformities and your societal mean.
I take back my own body and my mind
And lock it away where your judgments can’t touch.

I am the Giver.
I am the Hollywood Starlet.
I am the one who holds you up
And let’s you fall.
I am the mountains.

You cannot know me because
In an instant,
I am gone.

I am the wind.
I am the highest peak you’ll never reach
And I hold with me, the wonders of the world.

I will not be weighed down by your hate;
Your opinionated scolding.
I will not bear those chains
Of one who follows what they’re told.

I will make my own rules,
Learn what is right,
Follow my own heart,
And become whom I wish.

I will be, in time, a voice.
A voice in which you hear
Not only what you seek,
But what you need to console in.

I have disowned this lifestyle and instead,
I have decided to live in my own.

So take pleasure in cutting me down;
Drying me out.
Get your laughs from seeing me sway;
Watching me fall.

Because no more, will you have that chance.
I am beyond your years.
I am beyond this world.
And you will not hold me down.

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