My Thoughts

I shall carefully arrange my thoughts and place them side by side.
To try and sort and figure out the ones which like to hide.

I’ll take them over and work them around until there’s nothing left.
To fight yourself is a daunting task, but they haven’t got much heft.

My thoughts, my thoughts, my dear little thoughts
Always running in my brain.
Why, my thoughts, oh why, oh why,
Must you play this game?

You speak to me when no one’s around,
Interrupt my flow.
You try what you can to weigh me down
But alas, I don’t let that show.

You’re violent, intrusive, compelling, and bare.
You’re tired, detailed, introspective, and fair.
You’re imaginative, colorful, shallow, and mean;
You’re nasty, polite, rueful, and keen.

Oh, my thoughts; if only I could bare
To have you not there.
Have you nowhere.
Float in the air.
Too small to care.

You’re disturbing and disruptive but I dare not complain.
I’m only to blame.
It’s my head; true to the game.
You only proclaim.

I wish that just once I could be free of you.
And see through you.
And figure myself out without you.

For you make my mind so fuzzy;
And hard to decipher.
It’s as if you’re my viper.
Heading off the change.

Thoughts, oh, my thoughts;
Why are you so hard to bear?
And focus on in here.
With my little fears.

Please take me away from here.

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