“Listen here!” she said with a slam on the table.
“I’m sick of your ways and the lies you enable!
I’m sick of the screaming and wars in my mind
That stem from disaster you’ve wrought over time!

You’re vile and sick and think you can break me.
But I’m done with your ways; you no longer phase me.
And I swear it’ll be a cold day in hell
When you run me over again with your spell!

You sit there and think that I’m yours here to own;
That I’m a puppet, a slave, and not one to behold.
But guess what? It’s over; I’m done, and you’re through
And I truly can’t wait to be rid of you.

So take one last look at my face and my mind
Because after this moment, you’re out of my life.
And no longer will these thoughts and these words that you’ve said
Be stuck in my mind and running through my head.

You’ve destroyed my life and today I will vow
To fix what you’ve done, some way and some how.
And don’t think I’ll ever let you back in my mind
Because I’m done and it’s over and I’m finished this time!”

She stood in her fury and glared at the wall
Where the object of her anger sat idly enthralled
By her pure frustration and desire to leave;
How amused, the object of her anger must be.

She wavered in stance as the shadow rose
Onto the wall where it stood in her home.
And she shifted her glance away in the hopes
That her source of frustration would leave her alone.

But after what seemed like an eternity,
She looked back up out of curiosity
And stared into the soul of the object she’d jeered
And saw herself staring back in masochistic fear.

And with the intensity of all that she had,
The thoughts and destruction came rushing all back,
As she fell to her knees in a sobbing heap;
Buried her face in her hands and tucked under her feet.

She thought she’d cut loose! She thought she’d been freed!
But alas, it seems that it wasn’t meant to be.
She realized that down in her dark place of desire
She would always want and need this sadistic empire.

So she didn’t pull away when she was pulled into an embrace;
Rocked silently, softly until she felt her face
Dry of the tears and as she lifted her head,
She felt herself break, but not left for dead.

Her object smiled softly and stared into her eyes
And without a word, conveyed the message she’d hide
From the others in the world; for this was their secret
And between the two lovers, she knew she’d always keep it.

“You’re perfect because I made you this way.
And you’re nothing without me; that’s why I do say
That you need to be quiet and listen to me still,
Because I know what is best for you and always will.

You’ll never leave me because you need me to stay
And give you something to focus on throughout the day.
When the world gets too much and you feel you can’t cope,
And you’re lost, lonely, and hungry and in need of my dope.

You can try as you please to go ahead and leave,
But remember, you’ll always come crawling back to me.
You are nothing without the pain that I bring
And the pain makes you stronger and keeps you within.

There’s nothing like the feeling of knowing your mine,
As much as you dislike it time after time.
But when those who think of you in the highest
Begin to call you their Queen, you’ll beg for my biased.

It keeps you strong and so do I;
When your body gets weak, I’ll still have your mind.
And you’ll never have to worry about your pathetic little life
Because I consume all of it; every second of your strife.

You’ll never find this comfort or feeling of peace
That you have when you’re sitting here, kneeling at my feet.
So go out and venture, but know where you’ll remain,
And I’ll always be waiting for you once again.

You can never escape me; I am in your bones.
You’ll see me in your dreams and feel me as your own.
I am your thoughts and your feelings; never known.
And you’ll be mine forever, until I turn you cold.”

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