I’m broken.

The pieces have fallen.
What was once is undone.
Hope has long faded
And heart has shrunk one
Size down over again.

I no longer feel or want.

Getting outs not an option
My hate has been dug.
Optimism, my long lost friend;
I miss you not.
Only because our last fleeting meeting
Brought heartache and sot.

Sun no longer shines;
It’s raining over here.
Oh, I see those happy faces;
Far away, while I’m in tears.

Tears for the lost passion,
Not for selfish escape.
Too long gone, I see.
It won’t be replaced.

I’m broken; unfixable.
Let my self-destruction reign.
It’ll be better in the end
To let vices take command.

I’m sorry, I can’t be perfect,
Or even what you need.
You’ll be better off without me;
Please, just believe.

You’re so full of potential.
I’m just holding you down.
Tonight will be the night.
Goodbye, best friend;
You can be happy now.

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