Vampire Kisses

Blood dripping down in pale moonlight
Razor sharp teeth sinking through pliable flesh
Moans of ecstacy fill the night
A vampires kiss leaves another dead.

Walking along the streets in glowing yellow light.
She’d never suspect the seduction is the near.
He watches her with tasty lips
Drinking in her innocence and fear.

She gets closer, he smiles, a tongue out of his mouth.
He watches her stumble and reaches out to grab her,
A smile crosses those blood red lips.
And his sharp fangs are bared.

A finger down her spine, send chills through her body.
He’s silent, she murmers, he hushes, shes quiet.
He relishes in the fear that he tastes.
An unspoiled child, his for the taking.

Brushing his lips over her neck and mouth,
She’s silent and shaking, hes grinning and stout.
He watches the blood flow through her pulse point and feels
His stomache growing hungrier, his desire, her fear.

His hand on the small of her back, pressing her close.
His mouth tingles her neck, a lump in her throat.
Shes paralyzed and helpless, he’s full of desire;
His teeth become bared, her body’s on fire.

She closes her eyes with a moan of submission.
And gasps as he pierces her throat with teeth of a mission.
She fights for a second, then slumps against his body
His coldness is piercing, her warmth drained to the bottom.

As she softly moans against his ear
His desire is stirred, his hunger is clear.
He drinks and he feeds until almost satiated.
Then he teases a little, until she can’t stand it.

She softly pleads for him to finish her off
An ecstasy in the pain, she enjoys it too much.
Her death is a soft one, pleasurable and sweet.
He closes his eyes as he finishes the feat.

She slumps to the ground and he kisses her lips.
Growing cold, now at peace, too fit for the bit.
He walks down the alleys in the shadows of the night.
And waits for his next victim; he’s not going hungry tonight.

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