Call me a bitch and throw me against the wall.
Wrap your hands around my neck, making sure I don’t fall.
Tease me and torture me, until I plead;
Make me forget all but one need.

Tell me I’m yours and will always be,
Don’t let me forget that I’m just to please.
Make me and break me, with all this pain;
Throw me down on the bed once again.

Make it rough and make it hard,
Make me beg and break me apart.
I’m worthless, I’m nothing, I’m just yours to spare;
So tie me up, ravish me, and leave me crying there.

Don’t love me, don’t wonder, don’t even care;
Keep me chained up in your basement down there.
Whenever you feel the need to give in,
I’ll be there for whenever you want me again.

I’m the metaphor of the broken girl
I want nothing more than to end this world
But you give me one reason to stay and submit
You tell me I have but one reason to quit.

You say that you need me, desire me too;
I don’t care, just torture me, no words will that do.
I need to be needed, in the most depraved ways;
Grant the wish that I’m praying for, and just leave me there.

I want to be punished, I want to be whipped;
I want the worst treatment; I know you’ve thought of it.
Think of your worst desire in mind,
Take it out on me, I swear I don’t mind.

Pull my hair and carelessly tease,
Soon you’ll have me begging on my knees.
I don’t know why I want this, I can’t really care;
All I know is that I want you there.

Force me to listen, force me to submit.
Beat me when I don’t and I just quit.
Just take what you want from me without regret;
Don’t worry how I feel, I have no feelings as of yet.

I’m a plaything, I’m a sex toy,
I’m a slave, I’m a bitch.
You know it turns you on when I talk like this.

So take me and break me, just do as you please.
I’ll be on my knees and make you want me.
Just once more, just one time, make me feel like shit.
I swear that I really do like it.

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