In Love With You

I was never supposed to fall this fucking hard.
Wasn’t supposed be consumed by you, or have my life engulfed.
I wasn’t supposed to care, I wasn’t supposed to love,
But you turned it all upside down, now everything is done.

I wasn’t supposed to think of you, every night and every day.
I wasn’t supposed to wonder if you were always okay.
I wasn’t supposed to worry, when I didn’t hear from you;
I wasn’t supposed to become so fucking consumed.

We were supposed to be fuck buddies; we were supposed to be friends.
We were never supposed to be together in the end.
We weren’t supposed to love each other, or even to really care;
But what do you know? You got me there.

I wasn’t supposed to love you, I wasn’t supposed to mind,
If you like anyone else or what you thought about mine.
We were never supposed to act this way, we both know its true.
But truth be told, God, I love being in love with you.

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