I believe in happiness. I believe in expressing your emotions. I believe in loving with every fiber of your being. I believe in heaven. I believe that God exists. I believe that some of the Bible is incorrect. I believe that you shouldn’t believe everything you see because just because you saw it with “your own two eyes” doesn’t mean your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. I believe in laughing. I believe in crying. I believe in road trips. I believe in gay marriage. I believe that love is love and that love doesn’t discriminate against sex. I believe that everyone should have a job they love to go to. I believe in human rights. I believe if it has a heartbeat, then killing it is murder. I believe that life is full of surprises and adventures and that everyday is a new one waiting to happen. I believe 99% of people in the world are crazy. I also believe that the other 1% doesn’t exist. I believe in the magic of music. I believe that if enough people believe in something, then it’s real. I believe that you should just write and not care what comes out. I believe that the bad choices people make shouldn’t make others feel bad for them; sympathize, yes; but those people knew the consequences before they committed the act. I believe music is life.

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