Product of Depression & Insomnia

She rolled away from him on the bed, the black silk sheets sliding delicately against her skin. She got up, half-naked, and walked to the bathroom silently as to not disturb the man sleeping on the other side of the bed. Slipping into the bathroom, she slowly, numbly, pulled off the jeans pooling at her ankles and pulled her ripped v-neck shirt over her head letting it fall carelessly to the floor. She ran her skeletal snow-white fingers over the protruding ribs coming forth, listening to the hollow sounds made when she struck then lightly with her fingertips. Her fingers ran lower, moving on to the concave stomach that looked as if it touched the back of her spine. Her hipbones were razor sharp; hooks to hold up the underwear that was invariably ripped off by the end of the night. Her legs looked as if they’d barely support her merger weight and as she swooned slightly at her reflection, she made a grab for the sink. She shook her head, clearing her mind; focusing her eyes. She grabbed for the razor, already prepared, lying on the sink. She heard the man in the next room stir so she quietly picked up the razor and walked softly over to the bed. Weightlessly, she lay down, rolled away from the half-dressed man next to her and brought the metallic point to her flesh. With a deep inhale, she pushed and pulled the razor down across her right forearm. She very softly moaned from the sudden rush of pain, then endorphins flowing through her body. She shakily grabbed the razor with the wounded arm hand and sliced open her left forearm as well. She laid back and watched with a secret giggle as her skin separated, showing cut veins and the muscle underneath her placid flesh. She let out another small giggle as the blood pooled onto the satin sheets flooding her section of bed and the floor next to her with the crimson drops escaping her body. As her vision became blurry and her breath became sparse she mustered up her last ounce of energy and turned to look at the man next to her. She cursed him under her breath, rolled back over, and closed her eyes as she silently floated off into the night thinking how he won’t have her anymore; no one wants to use a cold body when it can’t scream.

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